About Us


Founded in 1979, IAPA consists of activity professionals, administrators,  social service designees, CNA’s,  volunteer coordinators, and dedicated volunteers. These individuals are actively working within skilled nursing centers, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, retirement community adult day centers, senior centers, supportive living facilities, hospitals, Alzheimer/special care units, hospice services, psych facilities, DD/MR facilities and sheltered care facilities. They represent the best of the best in their field of expertise.


IAPA is dedicated to enriching the education and professionalism of those working in activities, and to enhance the quality of life for individuals residing in a variety of care settings in Illinois.


We believe in compassionate care, outstanding service, and the power to enhance lives through excellence in leisure programming. For those we serve it is our goal to provide fulfillment, socialization, physical activity, pleasure, quality events, active participation; mental, physical, and emotional stimulation, conversation, companionship –  and much more.


  • To promote quality of life through excellence in activity involvement.
  • To promote public awareness of the scope and realm of the Activity Profession.
  • To promote, support, and connect local activity associations.
  • To sponsor IAPA Awards and Conference.
  • To offer and promote certification for Activity Professionals and Consultants.
  • To communicate information, issues, and trends relative to activities to IAPA Members.
  • To act as a forum for Activity Professionals to exchange ideas and information.
  • To act as a liaison between governmental and regulatory agencies and professional organizations regarding the promotion and regulation of activity programming