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Here we will talk about activities that you can do at summer camp or any setting. This month we will be talking about camp songs.  Everyone  remembers sitting around the camp fire and singing songs. Not only can you use these songs with campers and with kids but also with the young at heart too. If you are at camp make  s’more on an open fire and if you’re setting is indoors use these Instructions

  • Set your oven to broil.
  • Break each of your graham crackers in half down the middle. Line a baking sheet with as many graham cracker halves as s’mores you want to make.
  • Top each graham cracker half with 1 marshmallow. (You can cut the marshmallows in half and place them on that way, if you want to prevent them from rolling off)
  • Cook in your oven on the middle rack, for about 1-2 minutes, until marshmallows start to turn golden. Watch closely the whole time
  • Top each marshmallow with a piece of chocolate (3 pieces of a Hershey’s bar) and a second graham cracker half.
  • Allow s’more to set for about a minute for chocolate to melt some. 
  • Enjoy!




Back to the songs. Here are three of my favorites.


Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel Swish Your Bushy tail, Wrinkle up your little nose, Put a nut between your toes, Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel Swish Your Bushy tail


Baby Shark

Baby shark, Doh-doh, doh, doh Baby shark, Doh-doh, doh, doh Baby shark, Doh-doh, doh, doh Baby shark

Daddy shark

Momma shark

Grandpa shark

Hungry shark Swam too slow

Happy shark It’s too late

Swimmer dude Swam away Lost a leg

Call 9-1-1 That’s the end


The Bear Song

The other day….I saw a bear…

A great big bear… Away up there….

He looked at me … I looked at him … He sized up me … I sized up him…. He said to me…’Why don’t you run?’ … ‘I see you ain’t … Got any gun…

I said to him… “That’s a good idea.”…

So come on feet… “Let’s get up and run”…. And so I ran… Away from there…

And right behind… Me was that bear…

And up ahead… There was a tree…

A great big tree… With a great big branch… And so I jump… Into the air….

But missed that branch… Oh glory be…

Now don’t you fret… And don’t you frown…

I caught that branch… On the way back down…


Enjoy songs and s’more‘s


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