Developmental Disabilities / Brain Injury

Lisa is a nationally certified Activity Consultant working in the field of Human Services. She has been described as an “all around, in touch with her inner child” person who is knowledgable, fun and  energetic. Lisa’s personal philosophy is “The best way to learn is through laughter”. She holds a BA in Religious Studies, and a BS in Sociology . Her many  professional certifications in the realm human services includes:  dementia, gerontology, and communications.


Lisa has 30+ years of experience working with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as people with mental health and aging issues. She studied music at VanderCook College of Music with hopes of becoming a music teacher, however, due to a hearing loss her dreams were not possible. Her hearing impairment has, however, blessed her with a personal connection to people who have difficulty communicating due to hearing impairment, speech problems or who have other communications issues. Lisa teaches Sign Language at Sauk Valley Community College and Kreider Service inc where she has been employed for 20 years. Her creative and fun approach to teaching has brought much enjoyment to the participants of her classes as well as her clients and professional colleagues.


Lisa’s creative endeavors include facilitation and presentation of many seminars and workshops including topics such as: Sign Language, Dementia Communications, Passive Activities for Cognitively and Physically Challenged Individuals, Music and Motion, Activities geared towards men, Cosmic Cafe’, Drum circles 101, Creative Story Telling, Healing Through Imagination, Sensory Integration/Deprivation and the Client with Dementia, The $10.00 Tech:Homemade Switch Activation Systems. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to activities for people who have disabilities including,: arts, crafts, sports, Music, Weather watching, adapting games to align with individual’s capabilities such  as Dungeons and Dragons, Lets Make a Deal and Deal or No deal. Her technical savvy has lead her to create online/youtube experiences for use by  clients, coworkers, and other support individuals.

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