Memory Care

With over 40 years of experience working in the home health care and long-term care industry, Deb has served as director of Alzheimer’s services, developing and training staff in a variety of venues including Corporate, Social Services, Private and County facilities. She has experience as a consultant and trainer for numerous long term care and assisted living environments and holds UDC, AD,CDP and CNA certifications. Deb I has been chosen as a speaker at various national education conferences and has made a variety of educational films for Joint Commission and Terra Nova Films on The Special Care for People Who Have Dementia.

Her many accomplishments include serving on the committee that developed and wrote the Sub Part U regulations for long term care facilities to create a regulated environment for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. IIn her spare time she Is also a dog trainer and has trained and certified three therapy dogs to be used in pet therapy for people with cognitive impairment. IAPA is proud to have Deb currently serve as our President and look forward to her helping shape the future of this organization.

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Discover the importance of “Normalization”; What is it, why is it important, and ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine of memory care.

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