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Don’t underestimate the ability of your residents to tell you what they want for activity programming.  A few months ago, while doing our monthly resident council meeting, I asked the residents what they would like to see on the calendar. They thought about it for a few minutes and said, “What about a choir?!”  I am thinking, “Great, a choir!”  Having been in choir throughout my high school years, I was thinking that this is right up my alley!  So that is exactly what we did.  They even picked out their songs!  For the last few months they have practiced and put in the work.  I am very proud of them for their commitment to this endeavor!  They performed on Valentine’s Day for the staff and residents.  Who knows what else this could lead to!   The Mary Bryant Home for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Springfield, Illinois, has a group that goes out to other facilities and organizations to entertain with their singing.  They have matching outfits, their own accompaniment, a tambourine, a varied repertoire (pop, country, patriotic, gospel, depending on the audience and season), and generally get a nominal donation for their facility.  They also have appeared almost annually at the IL State Fair.  You can do something like this in your facility, and it just maybe become something bigger for them!  Don’t limit your music choices to “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” or “Blue Suede Shoes.”  There have been multiple studies done that show people with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias respond to rap music because of its consistent temp and repetitive lyrics.  However, remember to choose lyrics that are appropriate for all ages.

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